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Web Design Tips & Tricks Here!

Hello Fellow Website Enthusiasts! This to consider about web design. The website is meant to guide the consumer through the buying process and immediately tackle any ambivalence this prospect might have about certain needs he has and the solutions you are offering him. It is wise to make this happen most quickly & succinctly with your internet marketing practices.

Visit my website so that you can see some primary Tips & Tricks I first think of as a Web Design West Palm Beach agency with high standards in solving client internet marketing needs. I have placed just a few on my web design page which is here: Web Design West Palm Beach Free Tips & Tricks.

Im Rob Kahn Web Designer West Palm Beach Internet Marketing SEO Expert. Call 561-630-2896 for whatever your web design internet marketing needs.

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Page One Search Engine Optimization Expert

SEO Excellence. I am Rob Kahn Internet Marketing SEO Expert with South Florida Web Force. If you are considering using me as your Search Engine Expert of course you will want to know how does South Florida Web Force measure up on search engines vs other fellow SEO experts, their own tough competition?

Check it out, and remember this very important fact: I am doing SEO battle vs. the best of the best in Internet Marketing & Search Engine Optimization Arts, not the kind of much easier competition I would face doing battle in for example, home repair or flower shops. Nothing is more tough than beating out fellow SEO experts, but I do. All day long and all the time.

Why? Because first, I love what I do and second, I plug hard and I am very good with word science, which is essentially what this is. But also because I carry the best SEO software to put it all together, and many fellow SEO experts don’t even have the quality software I use, if any at all!

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Page One Internet Marketing West Palm Beach

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web design west palm beach

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Pay per click and SEO

SEO search engine optimization internet marketing west palm beach


PPC vs SEO – Which is Best?

There has been debate for many years about the advantages and disadvantages of Paid advertising (PPC) as opposed to Search engine optimization (SEO) – with lots of people holding strong viewpoints for and against both. This is a huge topic – way too much to handle fully in the following paragraphs, but I’ll provde and outline of the most important points and provide my viewpoint about the issue.

Some Paid advertising strengths:

Speedy results – can normally start seeing results within just hours (or even minutes) of initiating a marketing campaign.

Only pay each time a user clicks.

Fairly easy to concentrate on the Keywords you want.

Don’t necessarily need to adjust your website.

Excellent Monitoring capabilities (making it easy to check, measure, change and improve).

You get to determine where users go (you define the landing page).

Can easily aim for distinct areas/places for your ad to appear.

Achieve first page visibility quickly (but not necessarily at low cost).

PPC can be an effective way to promote a site (in particular a new website). However as soon as you stop paying, your ads stop being displayed, and your traffic volumes drop – there is relatively long-term benefit for the expense. Pay per click is relatively quick and easy to setup – but it is just as quick and easy for your competitors – if they’ve bigger budgets, they could win the race.

Provided that you understand how much a click is worth, and are assured that the rewards outweigh the expense, Pay per click could be highly effective. You would not for instance care if it costs you a couple of thousand dollars (or more) on a daily basis as long as it yields a higher income.

PPC is one of the few ways a fresh site could get included in the search results and start to get traffic (and sales revenue) while the long term Seo methods kick in. The statistics generated from a PPC Campaign (for example which keyword phrases are resulting on conversions) can also be a valuable way to obtain information for an SEO campaign.

Natural Search engine optimization Benefits

Below are some of the benefits of Search engine optimization:

Website visitors coming from Natural Search are Free of charge.

The search positions a website accomplishes as a result of SEO can continue for a period of time after the effort has been undertaken.

On-page adjustments (which are probably necessary for Search engine optimization) can certainly help increase conversions as well as traffic.

Normally more searchers click the natural search engine results (88%) versus the ppc ads (12%), so you may well get much more targeted visitors from Organic results.

Users generally believe Natural Search engine results have got a higher “confidence” level.

Of course Search engine marketing is not free – it requires effort and expense, frequently over a long period. In some reasonably competitive niches it can be very hard (or even impossible) to accomplish page 1 rankings, however in most niches it is possible to relatively easily achieve decent rankings and traffic.

In any case, it’s the user that should be in the middle of any Search engine optimization strategies. Pretty much whatever you do to enhance the user experience may well boost your rankings and conversion rates (and in due course boost income/inquiries).

Both have their positives and negatives and dependent upon your particular preferences, either (or perhaps both) could be best for you.

SEO Expert Search Engine Optimization

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SEO Search Expert

With my search engine optimization software SEO Nitro I use competitive intelligence to score your website’s essential SEO factors vs those from your top 10 rivals for same keyterms. After knowing this, I can go straight to work elevating your website’s search engine scores by beating theirs.

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Rob Kahn
Web Design West Palm Beach
SEO Search Expert in Florida

SEO Internet Marketing West Palm Beach Florida

SEO Internet Marketing West Palm Beach Florida

SEO Internet Marketing West Palm Beach, Florida

1) Increase your inbound links. This means directories, blogs, PR web, and all other keyword rich link baiting, and of course using proper anchor text. Yes it’s tedious but needs to be done for SEO love. Don’t pay for links and make sure your links are most credible only.

2) Write clear content containing all your keyterms but no keyword stuffing, this can mean penalties from major search engines.

3) Keep in mind who you are writing for. Who is your best customer? What is your hottest product? Which service or feature earns the most money? Engage that market you most desire to reach. Speak directly to them in everything you say. The search engines want clear and fresh content that is relevant.

4) Optimize your images for search engines, and don’t use too many images not enough text on your home page. Search engines cant read images or framesets.

5) Call South Florida Web Force Web Design SEO Websites Marketing in West Palm Beach, Florida Rob Kahn 561-630-2896 for technical expertise and help. I will analyze your website’s SEO status for free of charge and report to you.