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Happy New Year 2010! I hope business gets better for everyone this year, it’s been a very tough recession in South Florida and USA. Small business (which is me and my clients) have had it up to here with the slowdowns and uncertainty but there is a feeling in the air that better times are upon us.

And I’ll say it straight because I’m not one to mince words: You still gotta market if you’re going to survive. And nowhere can you get your company word out more productively, effectively and for less money than with a skilled SEO web marketing professional who can place your company on the web search engines directed at your search prospects, for keywords.

Well call me a keyword marketer, if you will, because that is what I do here with my company, South Florida Web Force in West Palm Beach. Today all I need is a small business person to tell me which keywords he or she wants their websites to place for, and I will make that happen usually for less cost than a quarter page ad in a standard money clipper publication.

The truth of the matter is, there doesn’t seem to be an overwhelming amount of businesses still who are focused on driving search engine keywords yet, and in some industries (such as hair salons and fitness, for some reason) not much to speak of at all. This is good for you (and me) because it makes our job alot easier, getting you found. But if you’re not listed and searchable, you cannot be found.

That’s where I come in. Don’t be scared, I’m really lovable and easy-going. Call me and talk to me about your business (after all you found me, right?). Tell me what are your favorite most desired keywords, I promise you I will get you there to the first page of Google for your keywords, or it’s not even worth it, right?

But we gotta do what we gotta do, it is a specific required SEO formula. I have all the tools and software to achieve fantastic results, and I will absolutely crack all your codes necessary to place your company on the first page on Google for some heavy-hitting keywords in your industry, you will see. Ask me about all the keywords my Web SEO company ranks for, in the most competitive search industry that exists.. fellow SEO search engine marketers!!!

I even offer a FREE SEO REPORT for any company who wants to check where they stand in the major search engines like Google and Yahoo. I know I’m good with all my companies-keywords and so too should you. My companies and all my clients companies as well rank very high for everything we need and want to.

Call me today, let’s talk I promise as always to make everything very easy for you, because it’s very easy for me! I am Rob Kahn with Web Design West Palm Beach 561-630-2896!


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