I am a Web Designer/SEO/Internet Marketing professional with South Florida Web Force, but that’s not all I do. I thought I’d left the menial labor field behind but these days it’s tough to get by on just one business. I have an old side business I’ve had since 1988 which got me through college and beyond. It’s very hard work. I’ve always worked hard, but it just got easier.

Gold Medal Mobile Auto Detail
is what I do to supplement my fledgling Web business during these tough times. In 2007, when I opened my Web agency I thought I could finally leave dirty cars behind, but this year it became necessary to revitalize my car cleaning business for extra cash flow. So only a month ago, determined to beef up my lost share of the car detailing market again, I created a brand new Gold Medal Auto Detail website, and I coded it for search engines.

It was always such a struggle to find new clients but I was always good at shaking the trees and poking into doors so I made it. But, I’d always just wished that people would just call me for car detailing. No matter how many years I’d labored and left flyers in lunchrooms everywhere, it never worked. People never called in substantially enough amounts to amount to anything.

This has all changed since I released my new Gold Medal Auto Detail site. I’m now found everywhere I serve locally on Google searches and people are calling me now. Hardly a day has gone by the past 3 weeks now without me getting a car detail call. Today even on a Sunday I got a call and the guy needed his car done right away. It worked out nicely and he not only wants more cars done but also for me to look into his website marketing situation.

The moral of the story is, these principles apply to all businesses and I can revitalize your struggling business too! Who doesn’t need more qualified phone calls right now from prospects who are searching the web for your business? And if you’re not there when they look, you better believe it will be the next guy who is. If you need help with getting your website found on search engines, call Rob Kahn 561-630-2896 with South Florida Web Force for help.

Web Design West Palm Beach

Web Design West Palm Beach


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