Why SEO Web Marketing in West Palm Beach is Better than Print Marketing

Posted: October 1, 2009 in Uncategorized
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How much does online marketing cost?

Web marketing is better than print

Web marketing is better than print

This is the number one question in our clients mind! First to consider, printed advertising run from $200 to $500 per print. Let me explain that a little better. Let’s say you want to use The Flyer, or maybe The Clipper Magazine! A front cover of The Flyer will cost you $500 per city! The Clipper Magazine will cost you $650 and this is what you get for this price. Your ad on the front cover of the magazine and distribution of the magazine in that city. That is IT! It only runs one time, if you customer don’t read it or throws it away you just wasted your money! The magazines have great strategics for their business. They tell you must run more than one time and lock you on the contract for that!

Now Online marketing with SOUTH FLORIDA WEB FORCE works like this! We optimize your business website for local searches for only cost $600 per county! With WEB DESIGN SEO WEST PALM BEACH you can have up to 10 keywords. The online marketing for local searches normally last 1 and a half years!!! Versus 1 week from the magazines you see above. As you can see there is absolutely no contest between the 2. We hope this article opens your eyes on online marketing. If you are running print ads please do yourself a favorite and stop wasting your MONEY! Call us today 561-630-2896 to find out more information, it will be a pleasure to help you!


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