Why Have a Web Presence?

Posted: September 11, 2009 in Uncategorized

Why you should have web presence

Firstly, a website – why you should have a website? One simple answer to sum it all: To increase your business competitiveness.

Secondly, a blog and social networking profiles – Creating a blog can help you significantly in reach and personalization, while creating accounts with the likes of LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook can help you build communities surrounding your business.

Those who have adapted web technologies the right way are getting more exposure in their branding, more buzz, more prospects and new market. For those who have adapted blogging and social networking into their business strategy, Web 2.0 helps in forming a group of enthusiasts and evangelists that know and trust your products and/or services.
How to have the right web presence

I would like to offer you some tips to help you decide the kind of web presence you need for your business:

* A website is a must – A well-designed and useful website can enhance your business image and marketing campaign considerably.
* Create a blog, or at least hire someone to create it and take you by hands to guide you into blogging.
* Use social networking to manage your business reputation, because, like it or not, you can have a bad reputation online, even if you don’t have any web presences.
* Presenting the right marketing materials online can make your marketing campaign go viral – Buzzes and opinions about your business can be stirred with strong, and often controversial, marketing materials – All with no additional cost.
* Don’t be excessive – Not all web technologies are created equal – Only use those that add value to your business.



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